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An Overview Of Ways to Bring a Tribe Together In an Online Community

By Tom Seest

How to Find Ways to Bring Followers Together As an Online Community

Building an online community can be a great way to increase brand awareness and foster customer loyalty, but it may also prove challenging to keep members engaged.
Maintaining engagement with your members requires regular interaction. This can be accomplished through sharing useful content or answering queries promptly.

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How to Create a Website Blog Community Page

As a business owner, you want your followers to feel like they’re part of something greater than just your company. Doing this can foster community and increase brand loyalty among them.
One way to foster engagement among your followers is by creating a dedicated area for them to connect. You can do this by setting up a community page, forum, blog, or event!
Tiffany Aliche, the founder of Thinkific, created an online community called Dream Catchers to welcome new members, foster conversations, and provide a safe haven for members to receive support.
Furthermore, she created a hashtag that members can use when posting about the community and inviting others to join. The hashtag helps draw attention to the group while building relationships between members.
Another way to engage your followers is by creating a community poll! This is an effective way for them to express what they would like from your business.
Create a poll and select whether it will be visible only to subscribers or the general public. Furthermore, you have the option of scheduling the post for publication at an exact time or day.
When creating a poll, it’s essential to offer enough options for your audience. Doing this will guarantee an array of responses from followers and keep them interested in what you have to say.
Making a calendar of events for your community is beneficial, so members can stay informed. This could be as easy as creating an event on Facebook and inviting everyone to attend. Alternatively, you could create a website calendar and distribute it via email or social media channels to all followers.

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How to Create a Website Blog Community Forum

Community forums are an excellent way to unite your followers around a common interest. Here, members can ask questions, share stories and engage in meaningful dialogue with those who share similar goals or perspectives.
The key to forum success lies in finding the optimal balance of content and engagement. It’s essential for keeping discussions lively, yet having a purpose in mind helps drive this effort.
A well-organized forum makes your site easier to use and encourages visitors to return. The best way to achieve this is by organizing the forums by topic, so visitors can quickly locate what they’re searching for.
Another essential aspect of a community forum is making it simple for users to participate. You can do this by encouraging discussion, starting a poll, or reviewing events relevant to your group.
Create ways for your followers to engage with each other, such as threads, direct messaging, and personalized activity feeds. While these features may not be as common in forums as on social media sites, they can help you cultivate and sustain an online community.
When selecting a community platform for launch, make sure it offers all of the features you require. Look for one with tools to create memberships, courses, and more in the future.
You can also utilize a forum to promote an event or product you’re launching. Doing so ensures your followers are aware of your new offering and can sign up for it if they desire. It’s an effective way to build community and make your brand known at the same time!

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How to Create a Website Blog Community Blog

Blogs offer you a platform to express yourself and connect with like-minded individuals. Whether it’s fashion, cooking, gardening, travel, or anything else – creating a blog allows you to reach millions of online readers with your content.
When writing for a blog, your content should be unique and informative. Additionally, use an informal tone of voice and incorporate plenty of visuals to bring your post to life.
Create an outline for each blog post so you can structure content and ensure each sentence serves a purpose. Doing this helps you avoid writing just to write, which is often one of the biggest errors bloggers make.
Once you have your outline in hand, it’s time to craft the blog post itself. This part of the process can be tricky for writers but is essential in delivering content in an engaging manner.
Before you start writing, set yourself a specific objective for the post and ensure it offers something valuable to readers. Doing this will make your content more pertinent and beneficial, ultimately increasing traffic to your blog.
Another effective way to encourage readers to interact with your blog is by hosting a challenge or poll. These types of community events can build trust and loyalty between you and your followers.
Creating a challenge is also an excellent way to increase the number of social media shares your blog receives. These shares can significantly boost its popularity and gain you more followers!

This photo was taken by Shameel mukkath and is available on Pexels at https://www.pexels.com/photo/food-healthy-wood-restaurant-14883750/.

How to Create a Website Blog Community Event

Community events are an excellent way to bring people together and build a vibrant online community. Additionally, they serve to promote and raise awareness for various causes – whether that be charity work, fundraising efforts, or simply celebrating the area where the event is taking place.
Many of these events are free to attend. Examples include nature walking tours, public film screenings, and even community bike rides.
Prior to planning a community event, it’s essential that you have an objective in mind and what results you hope to achieve. Doing this will enable budget allocation and guarantee the event is successful.
Ideally, you can enlist the aid of local influencers who can promote your event on your behalf. This could include a local leader, religious figure, school principal, or someone else with influence within the community.
Promoting your community event should begin months in advance, giving you ample time to gauge interest and adjust accordingly if needed.
You can do this by advertising your event in public areas of your community, placing posters up on shared spaces, or hand-delivering invitations to homeowners in the neighborhood. Not only will this make residents aware of the event, but it will help avoid conflicting schedules and keep everyone updated.
Another effective way to promote your community event is by implementing an online calendar. This will enable members to subscribe to your events, meaning when changes or additions are made, they will appear automatically on their computer or mobile device’s calendar application. This saves them the hassle of having to read through newsletters or websites regularly in order to stay abreast of everything going on within the community.

This photo was taken by Shameel mukkath and is available on Pexels at https://www.pexels.com/photo/food-healthy-wood-restaurant-14883755/.

How to Create a Website Blog Community Poll

Community polls are an effective way to connect your followers as an online community. This can help you craft content that appeals to viewers while simultaneously increasing the size of your channel’s subscriber base.
A poll is an effective way to engage your followers by asking questions or gathering feedback on topics you are exploring. It also helps identify areas of concern which can then be turned into content that benefits those affected by these issues.
YouTube polls are an effective way to get instant feedback from your viewers and even generate more comments on your videos. They also enable you to learn what times or days people prefer watching your content, which can then be used as information when scheduling uploads.
To create a poll on YouTube, first, log into your account and navigate to the Community tab. There, you can type the question you wish to ask your followers and add up to five voting options.
If you run an educational channel, polls are an ideal way to discover which areas of study your viewers are most engaged with and convert the most upvoted answers into tutorial videos. Not only will this make your next video more valuable for viewers, but it may also boost your YouTube ranking in search results.
Create a community poll from either YouTube’s web app or YouTube Studio. To do so, log in to your YouTube account and click “Create” at the top right corner. After creating your poll, hit Post to publish it immediately or schedule it for publication at another date/time by selecting the Scheduled Post option.

This photo was taken by Shameel mukkath and is available on Pexels at https://www.pexels.com/photo/bread-food-plate-healthy-14883756/.