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An Overview Of Use Content Discovery and Curation Tools for a Website Blog

By Tom Seest

How to Use Content Discovery and Curation Tools for a Website Blog?

Content discovery and curation tools allow you to discover, customize, and distribute relevant material to your audience. They can help build trust among subscribers while also increasing leads.
Content creation can be challenging and time-consuming, which is why content curation can help your audience become more engaged while expanding your social media following.

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How to Leverage Curata for a Website Blog?

Curata is a content marketing software company offering user-friendly web-based tools for content discovery and curation. Their platform reaches over 40,000 marketers globally, helping them to quickly find relevant material that builds thought leadership, own industry conversations, drive qualified website traffic, track performance/ROI. Located in Boston Massachusetts.
Finding the ideal tool for curation is essential to content marketing success. There are various options out there, but finding one that meets both your needs and budget is paramount. Many tools offer free trials or trial versions while others cost monthly fees – either way these tools are an investment worth making!
While curating your blog, it is crucial that you remember to add value that stands out. Your content must provide useful, entertaining or inspirational elements for readers; adding personal insights will distinguish it from its competition and help create a powerful brand and draw in new visitors to your site.
The best curated content sites provide a range of topics, including news, lifestyle, music, travel and more. Their regularly updated articles and videos keep your followers engaged while also giving them tools they need to create posts themselves.
As part of a content curation tool, it’s crucial that you attribute the original creator. Otherwise, copyright laws could come into play and potentially void your content creation efforts. There are various methods you could take for doing so but generally speaking linking back is the easiest.
Curata‘s Content Discovery feature makes it simple and effortless to locate content relevant to your niche. This tool offers real-time and historical data on over eight billion articles, as well as filtering by topic, country and date to quickly locate pertinent pieces of writing. Freemium plans offer up to ten searches each month while paid plans start at $79 monthly.

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How to Leverage Triberr for a Website Blog?

Triberr is a content aggregator and blogging community designed to increase the reach of bloggers’ blogs. Members form tribes around specific topics, sharing posts from fellow tribe members within that tribe with a network of social media sites including Twitter and Facebook for sharing out to readers and increasing visibility. Triberr also offers writers the chance to connect with fellow bloggers as well as industry influencers.
Members of a tribe can not only promote each other’s blog posts, but can also share their own articles through the tribe homepage, increasing exposure. A blog aggregator is a fantastic tool that both established and novice bloggers can utilize in order to increase readership and traffic.
Triberr requires you to have a website with a WordPress blog, then use the free Triberr plugin to integrate it with the platform. After setting it up, all new posts from your blog will automatically update on Triberr with each post update – both self-hosted and managed WordPress websites can use this plugin!
Triberr works by connecting members’ Twitter accounts to its site and blogs, then reading and sharing each other’s posts daily. Think of it like a social network for bloggers! Plus you can join groups on Triberr to promote your own blogs further and gain more followers or improve search engine rankings!
Owing to its imperfections, Facebook can still be an effective tool for building an audience and promoting your brand. Just be sure to adhere to all rules and be a good member of the community – limit how long you spend on the site each week as this will ensure you don’t become an incessant spammer or lose focus of your blogging goals.
Triberr‘s team is still pushing boundaries; they’re currently working to adapt their syndication to Google’s guidelines, and exploring a system to connect posts to keywords such as “#news” or “#funny.”

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How to Leverage SlideShare for a Website Blog?

This platform allows users to upload and share presentations, PDFs, Word documents and more – with over 18 million uploads across 40 content categories from leading experts covering a wide array of topics. Furthermore, its search function makes finding relevant material based on individual needs much simpler.
SlideShare can help your business reach a broad audience and expand visibility. This platform is particularly helpful for reaching professionals and industry influencers – giving your brand exposure in front of them while showing your expertise and building a following.
Making it onto the homepage of SlideShare may be challenging, but it is possible if your content is engaging enough for people to spread its message through viral presentations or by social media sharing.
Once your SlideShare presentation has accumulated enough views, it’s essential that you encourage visitors to click through to your website or blog. A great way of doing this is including a call to action or asking questions on each slide; additionally it may help if there are eye-catching visual elements such as an eye-catching image or text style present that encourage them to click.
Integration of your SlideShare presentation within blog posts can also increase engagement. This strategy can increase blog traffic and visibility if you have plenty of material to share.
Keep in mind that SlideShare is a user-generated content platform, making it an invaluable asset in SEO and content marketing strategies. Use SlideShare to generate ideas, research keywords and craft a plan – just be sure to keep updating the information regularly for optimal results.
SlideShare is one of the least-exploited document sharing platforms and can be an invaluable asset for businesses. It can drive traffic to your website, increase brand recognition and generate links; but to fully unlock its potential requires planning and preparation.

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How to Leverage DrumUp for a Website Blog?

DrumUp can help your social media engagement by curating relevant, shareable posts from across the web that align with your business niche and are shareable on social media. Using advanced data mining and natural language processing algorithms, it delivers timely recommendations directly into Facebook, Twitter, and LinkedIn accounts – saving time for more meaningful activities instead of managing these accounts yourself.
DrumUp also features a Content Library feature to save awesome posts for later posting on social media accounts, making scheduling posts simple when time becomes an issue. Simply save posts as soon as they come through your inbox!
Content curation tools offer many advantages when it comes to finding relevant articles for your audience. The software will suggest articles based on keywords you select as well as suggest images and videos for you to share with them. You can then select these articles and post them directly onto your blog – providing another great way of promoting your business and driving traffic to its website!
If you want to connect with local communities, try curating hyper-local interviews, cultural posts and news content for them. This will give you a unique understanding of their needs and interests while building a stronger connection in your locale – which is especially valuable for non-profit organizations.
One of the biggest hurdles facing small businesses today is finding enough time and resources to create and manage content for their social media channels. DrumUp offers an easy solution: its dashboard enables you to easily create and manage social media campaigns while also offering social media analytics and keyword suggestions based on keywords you select, while employee advocacy features can significantly expand engagement and reach.

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