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Nestled in the scenic hills near Chattanooga, Tennessee, I bring over four decades of exceptional expertise in software and web development to the digital landscape. With a rich and varied career that spans multiple industries, I am committed to the innovative implementation of technology solutions that yield practical benefits and sustainable growth. Alongside my loving wife, three of my four sons, and a thriving homestead featuring approximately 30 cats and 25 chickens, I have created a haven for both my family and creative pursuits.

My journey into the tech world began in the plains of Illinois, much before the advent of the new millennium. A lifetime of dedication to programming and web development has since followed. This passion for the craft has propelled me to work on major projects, ranging from the Lambert St. Louis Airport Expansion to cutting-edge Fintech solutions. My career has seen me take on challenges in diverse sectors, implementing complex software systems to drive functionality and operational excellence.

  • Legal Software Development: I have crafted both desktop and web-based applications specifically tailored for law firms and litigation support firms. My portfolio includes leading-edge case management and electronic discovery software.
  • Lambert St. Louis Airport: A key milestone was the creation of a comprehensive software ecosystem for managing contractors, vendors, warehouse inventory, and construction bills for the Lambert St. Louis Airport.
  • Fintech: A foray into the financial technology sector led to state-of-the-art websites designed to streamline complex financial transactions and data management.
  • Medical Practices: Within healthcare, I have developed clinic management software that has helped medical practices optimize their workflow and patient management systems.
  • Agricultural Manufacturing: My work extends into agriculture, where he has been instrumental in developing reporting tools for agricultural manufacturing facilities.
  • Liquid Gas Plants: I helped engineer and develop production and distribution software for liquid gas plants, aligning key functionalities with industry standards.
  • Education Sector: The creation of robust student portal software for school districts stands testament to my commitment to improving educational outcomes through technology.
  • Government Agencies: Collaborations with governmental bodies have involved the creation of portals for various sectors, including education, elections, insurance, and economic development.
  • And Much More: The list of projects and collaborations is too extensive to capture in entirety, underscoring the breadth and depth of my expertise.

When the COVID-19 pandemic reshaped global paradigms, I pivoted to focus on creating an expansive array of website blogs as digital properties. I have sought to deepen my understanding of contemporary web technologies and trends. My portfolio boasts over 400 websites, some of which serve as platforms for my own blogging endeavors.

I represent a fusion of seasoned experience and ceaseless innovation. This work is a testament to the potential of technology when harnessed with skill, dedication, and vision.

In any case, I hope you enjoy my public collection of online news, research, and investigation into website development and blogging.

Tom Seest