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An Overview Of Methods to Surprise Email Subscribers for a Website Blog

By Tom Seest

How to Come Up with Ways to Surprise Subscribers for a Website Blog

If you want to wow your website visitors, here are some ideas on how to do so. These tricks will help create an unforgettable experience that will encourage readers to join your email list.
Your subscribers’ lives can be made brighter when you provide them with something enjoyable. Whether it’s a daily joke, weekly cartoon or feel-good human interest stories, providing joy will make your subscribers happier and more likely to convert.

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How to Offer a Bonus for a Website Blog

Surprise your subscribers with an unexpected bonus to keep their attention and build trust. This could range from a free gift to an exclusive discount available only to those on your list.
Create the ideal bonus by taking a close look at your audience. Utilize tools like HubSpot to construct customer profiles for each subscriber and identify their primary problem, desired type of content, and priorities.
Once you’ve identified these things, it’s time to craft your bonus. This could be something as simple as a checklist or planner, or it could be an entire eBook on an issue pertinent to your audience’s problems and priorities.
Make sure your subscribers receive your bonus at a time when they are likely to be receptive. Doing this will increase the likelihood that they’ll click on links and take advantage of what you have to offer by responding to your email campaign.
Another way to delight your subscribers is by providing them with an additional piece of content before it goes live on your website. This strategy works particularly well for eBooks and whitepapers but can also be applied to any research-based material you wish to provide to your audience.
To do this, you can either send the bonus directly to them or insert a popup that asks them for their details after reading a certain post on your site. This is an effective way to get new visitors to your mailing list and start building relationships with them as you provide more useful content.

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How to Give Away Something for Free for a Website Blog

A free gift is an effective way to motivate website subscribers to sign up. This could be a content piece, an app, or any other item your audience would find beneficial.
The key is creating a gift of high perceived value so your audience feels appreciated for signing up. Anne-Laure, the founder of Ness Labs, offers her readers The Beginner’s Guide to Mindframing as an incentive to subscribe.
Ideally, your freebie should be something that’s pertinent to your business. It should solve a problem your target audience faces or demonstrate that you’re an authority on the topic at hand.
Start by creating a straightforward form on your website that invites visitors to subscribe to your newsletter. Keep it short and straightforward to complete, using an obvious X as the exit button if they opt not to join.
Next, promote your giveaway on blogs, social media accounts, and other platforms where your target audience may hang out. It may be worth investing in paid social to expand your reach, but organic social media is also an effective way to expand the size of your giveaway’s audience.
Finally, monitor the data to evaluate how successful your campaign is performing. This can help you decide if it’s worth increasing the budget or not, whether the giveaway is attracting the right kind of leads, and for how long to run it.
A successful giveaway can help you grow your email list and generate revenue for your business. To ensure its success, select an attractive prize that resonates with your target audience, promote it effectively, and provide new subscribers with a way to stay engaged after they’ve signed up.

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How to Create a Contest for a Website Blog

One of the best ways to delight website subscribers is by hosting a contest. Contests are great for increasing engagement and introducing new products to your audience. Plus, they generate leads that are beneficial for your business.
Planning a giveaway begins with selecting an objective for the campaign. Whether you want to increase social media followers, generate leads or retain existing customers, identify that goal and craft your contest around it.
Next, choose a prize that appeals to your target market and has a value that will motivate people to enter the contest. Make sure the reward will make an impact on your audience or provide them with solutions to a problem they face.
Constructing an effective contest requires careful planning, but the rewards are worth all of the effort. A successful online giveaway can attract hundreds or even thousands of new subscribers to your website, expanding both your reach and customer base.
Hosting a writing contest on your blog is an effective way to encourage talented authors to contribute their thoughts on content and become part of your community. Creative photo or video contests also drive engagement while showcasing products or services your readers may not otherwise be aware of.
Scavenger hunts are another fun way to encourage contest entry. Create a list of challenges and then challenge people to locate specific items that will help them complete the contest. When the winners are announced, reward them with prizes and encourage them to share their content on your site and social media channels.

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How to Offer a Discount for a Website Blog

Discounts are one of the best ways to increase sales on your website and attract new subscribers. They also serve to build loyalty with current customers, encouraging them to shop again in the future.
Timing your discounts wisely is key–be sure to take into account major holiday and sales events like Black Friday and Cyber Monday, as well as seasonal and quarterly deals. These are prime opportunities for customers to save big on products you know they’ll love.
Add a countdown timer to your emails, landing pages, and forms so that potential customers know when an offer is going to expire. Doing this can help your business expand by snagging potential buyers and converting them to buyers faster than ever before.
Create high-value coupon codes for your email subscribers as a proven strategy that’s sure to increase profits. For instance, offering customers a ‘BOGO’ or ‘Buy One, Get One’ coupon that rewards them with free products when they make qualifying purchases can significantly boost revenue.
Discount codes work by offering subscribers an incentive to join your email list and enter a unique code during checkout. It’s an effective marketing tactic that allows you to target specific segments of your audience, making it simple to measure the success of each campaign.
Discount codes can be used to attract new subscribers, reward loyal customers and commemorate important business milestones. For instance, offering a discount in recognition of one year since subscribers signed up could be the ideal incentive to motivate people to keep subscribing to your email list and purchasing from you in the future.

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How to Offer a Lite Subscription for a Website Blog

To prevent subscribers from feeling overwhelmed, you can offer a light subscription option. This ensures your list doesn’t receive too many emails daily but still receives enough information from you. This type of subscription comes in various forms, such as daily, weekly, or monthly; having different plans for different types of subscribers makes it easier for them to select the one that works best for them.
Over half of Millennials now own four or more subscriptions, heralding the “subscription lifestyle.” They prioritize convenience over price and save money when purchasing merchandise through subscriptions. Furthermore, heavy subscribers tend to sign up for additional subscriptions.

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