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An Overview Of Giveaway Event Planning for Website Blogs

By Tom Seest

How to Host Giveaway Events to Build Subscriber Lists

If you’re aiming to expand your following or attract new email subscribers, hosting a giveaway event can help you meet those objectives. Here are some tips for hosting an effective giveaway campaign:
Before anything else, decide on your giveaway goals. This will help determine the type of prize you want to offer and how best to promote it.

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How to Promote a Website Giveaway

One of the best ways to expand your subscriber list is by hosting giveaway events. Not only does this generate more leads and boost sales for your business, but you need to effectively promote it as well in order to spread awareness and drive traffic toward your landing page.
Promoting your giveaway requires creativity and multiple strategies. You can utilize referral programs, guest blog posts, influencer marketing, and email newsletters to spread the news of your giveaway.
Referral programs are an increasingly popular strategy used by companies like Starbucks, Dropbox, and McDonald’s to grow their mailing lists. They work by motivating subscribers to refer a friend or colleague to your website in exchange for the chance to win one of your giveaways.
In addition to referral programs, you can also promote your giveaway via social media. Share it across Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, and other platforms in order to drive traffic and build a fan base.
You can also ask your entrants to provide their email addresses in order to enter. Doing so will motivate them to share your giveaway on their social accounts, increasing the odds of them winning and building an email list in the process.
When marketing a giveaway, it’s essential to keep in mind its relevance to both your business and ideal customers. That means choosing prizes that your target audience wants and would love to receive.

This photo was taken by Ron Lach and is available on Pexels at https://www.pexels.com/photo/mother-giving-lunch-bag-to-son-9885402/.

How to Set a Time Limit for a Website Giveaway

Promoting your giveaway and incentivizing consumers to enter is an effective way to generate interest and drive entry rates. You can do this by providing them with a specific starting and ending date, such as 11:59 PM Eastern, which plays off of the scarcity and fear of missing out (FOMO) mindset that drives interest in giveaways.
If you want to build a list of subscribers who are truly invested in your business, hosting a giveaway is an ideal solution. These new leads are likely to purchase from you, making your list an excellent source of product revenue.
Before you begin, identify a goal for your contest and create entry criteria that participants must meet in order to enter. Your objectives could include increasing your email list, raising brand awareness, or gaining more followers.
Consider partnering with another brand to offer one of their products as a prize. Doing so can help boost brand awareness and extend your giveaway’s reach by sharing the post on their own account.
Instagram users tend to look forward to certain posts at certain times of day, so be sure to plan your promotion accordingly. Doing this will make your giveaway stand out among other content on Explore channels and increase its visibility within the platform.
To guarantee fairness, you may want to use a random number generator when selecting your winner. You can find one online for free; Google’s is especially useful when creating large numbers of entries.
Once you’ve selected a winner, it is essential to thank them and invite them to join your list. Furthermore, stay in touch with these newly subscribed subscribers so that they remain engaged with your brand and become paying customers in the future.

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How to Make It Easy to Enter a Website Giveaway

To maximize the success of your giveaway, you must make it as convenient as possible for participants. This can be accomplished by setting a short deadline, offering an incentive that appeals to them, and creating an easy-to-enter giveaway form.
Promoting your giveaway through your website is the simplest way to increase awareness. This could be accomplished by adding a pop-up or scrolling header bar that promotes the contest and encourages people to enter their email addresses for a chance at winning.
Another effective way to promote your giveaway is through social media. Facebook groups can help build an engaged community, while Instagram provides the perfect platform for promoting the contest and sharing helpful content that will assist your viewers.
You could also run a social media giveaway on your Facebook page that asks followers to comment or like the post in order to enter. Doing this will create an urgency and allow for increased exposure of your giveaway among a wider audience.
In such cases, you can create a leaderboard where the user who completes more bonus actions will receive an enhanced entry. Doing this makes your contest more exciting and keeps users engaged, which could ultimately increase conversion rates for your business.
Once your giveaway has ended, make sure you follow up with all new entrants to prevent them from going cold and unsubscribing from your list. Send them a thank-you email for entering the giveaway, inviting them back again in the future. You may offer participants a commiseration prize, such as a discount on their next purchase in order to foster a relationship and turn them into paying customers.

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How to Create a Website Giveaway Prize

Selecting the ideal prize for your giveaway is essential to its success. It should appeal to your target audience, reflect the brand’s values, be relevant and achievable, as well as meet any other requirements you have set forth.
One of the best ways to promote your giveaway is by sharing it across all social media channels, including Facebook groups and Reddit threads that your target audience uses. This will increase exposure for the giveaway and lead to new email subscribers and social media followers.
Your promotion strategy must also encompass how you’ll connect with participants and keep them engaged. You can do this by emailing non-winners to introduce them to your brand or offering them discount codes for products they may have missed during the giveaway.
Your prizes can range from popular products like iPhones to gifts of cosmetics or Visa gift cards that can be used worldwide. Alternatively, you may collaborate with sponsors who will supply their own goods and services as prizes for giveaways.
Once you’ve selected a prize, it’s time to make it easy for people to enter your giveaway. Do this by creating an integrated form that matches your website’s branding and features. The form should ask participants for their names, email addresses, and social media profile link.
Additionally, an effective headline can create a sense of urgency and anticipation among your audience. Use the Sharethrough Headline Analyzer to find the ideal headline for your giveaway, emphasizing that there is only a limited time left to enter.
Ultimately, the purpose of a giveaway is to build an email list with subscribers. Not only does this increase brand awareness and engagement, but growing your list can lead to more sales as well as expand your customer base.

This photo was taken by Mizuno K and is available on Pexels at https://www.pexels.com/photo/father-giving-daughter-piggyback-ride-12788501/.

How to Make a Website Giveaway Relevant

In today’s digital world, having an expanding email list is essential for any business. Not only does it provide a convenient way to convert leads into paying customers, but it also presents an excellent marketing opportunity.
A giveaway is an effective way to build your email list, but it must be done properly. The key is making the offer relevant to the target audience.
Before you launch your giveaway, it is essential to decide the prize and rules that apply. For instance, you may require entrants to enter their email addresses for a chance at winning or offer shared prizes that can be split amongst participants and friends.
Another way to make your giveaway successful is by rewarding entrants for sharing it on social media and liking its pages. This encourages people to spread the news about it, giving them bonus entries which in turn increases their chances of winning.
KingSumo allows you to customize the entry actions for your giveaway and determine how many bonus entries users will receive per action. This helps reach a wider audience and increases email subscribers.
Once your giveaway is set up, you can start adding details to your website and social media accounts. Ideally, promote your giveaway across all relevant platforms for your business.
Create a giveaway landing page that is both unique and visually appealing. Doing so will draw in plenty of new visitors to your website, encouraging them to enter the contest. Alternatively, create an easy form for entrants to fill out that will import their new emails into your ESP (Email Service Provider).

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