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An Overview Of the Uses of the WordPress Plugin WordPress Named Popular Posts

By Tom Seest

Popular posts plugins provide a fantastic way to showcase the best content you have produced and attract more readers, ultimately increasing sales.
This WordPress plugin is easy to use and comes equipped with numerous options, including custom post types and social media links.
It features an advanced search engine that lets you narrow your searches by category or date range, has a customizable dashboard, and works seamlessly with all major WordPress themes.

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If you’re in search of a plugin to highlight your most popular posts, there are various choices out there for you. Some are more powerful and feature-packed, while others provide simplicity and ease of use. Your choice should depend on what meets your needs as well as how much customization is desired; consider your target audience’s favorite forms of content as well as whether or not blog posts or other post types (like products) need to be displayed alongside each other.
WordPress Popular Posts is an excellent plugin to showcase their most popular posts as widgets on their websites, drawing in visitors while encouraging them to stay longer on your site – ideal if your goal is converting visitors into regular readers.
This plugin gives you the power to adjust thumbnail size, select various display options like grid block, carousel, or slider, and display views/comments/total pageviews per day/custom time ranges – all without breaking the bank! Plus, it’s free! Easy installation too.
MonsterInsights, with over 2 million installations worldwide, is another highly popular solution for highlighting your top-performing posts. Working exclusively with Google Analytics, this tool offers in-depth data analysis and reporting for your site traffic as well as tracking and displaying popular products within an eCommerce store – giving you an idea of what drives visits to it.
Display Posts is one of the most versatile post plugins for WordPress, allowing you to create different displays based on post type and category. It is user-friendly, featuring shares, views, authors, excerpts, and thumbnails as criteria for display posts. Furthermore, this plugin lets you easily create featured lists, which can be displayed anywhere on your website, from sidebars or anywhere else.

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If you want to increase your website’s traffic, highlighting popular content can help your visitors quickly locate what they are seeking while keeping them on your site longer – building trust and social proof while leading to more conversions!
WordPress offers several plugins for showcasing your most popular posts, but one of the best in the Top 10. This plugin has been downloaded over 800k times and used on over 30,000 websites, earning it a 4.7 out of 5-star rating from users. Top 10 makes displaying popular posts easy – simply display grid blocks, sliders, carousels, or widgets featuring popular posts from your blog’s feed – while being compatible with WooCommerce, AMP, Yoast Gravity Forms Pretty Links Formidable Forms, or widgets from other WordPress plugins or compatible websites – for WordPress websites not otherwise compatible.
Monster Insights, which integrates seamlessly with Google Analytics and offers some of the industry’s most cutting-edge features, is another ideal choice for displaying your most popular posts. It provides universal tracking, custom dimensions, EU compliance tracking of affiliate link ads tracking, page-level analytics enhanced eCommerce tracking real-time stats dashboard as well as real-time stats dashboard for Google Analytics dashboard – plus it is compatible with popular plugins such as WooCommerce AMP Yoast Page Builder WPForms Member Press Gravity Easy Digital Downloads among many more!
Jetpack is another highly acclaimed plugin that can help increase traffic to your site by displaying popular posts in the sidebar and offering the option to link directly to related posts within content – an essential element in increasing page view counts for higher search engine rankings.
Trending is a free WordPress plugin that enables you to display your most popular posts based on views or comments in a grid block, slider carousel, or widget format. Furthermore, this multi-widget-capable widget supports various sidebars, so multiple widgets can be placed onto each. Furthermore, Trending also features custom post type support, statistics dashboard, sorting options, and much more – perfect for creating stunning content on WordPress platforms!

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WordPress popular posts plugin can help increase reader retention on your website, which in turn benefits SEO and sales conversion and sales conversion rates. But selecting an ideal plugin for you requires careful consideration – one with many features and easy navigation should do just fine, such as customizing lists by time range, including thumbnails, and connecting social media accounts are among some of the top picks!
MonsterInsights is one of the most widely-used WordPress plugins for displaying popular posts, using Google Analytics’ tracking capability. This plugin boasts over 2 million active installations worldwide and comes free with a basic license.
WP-PostRatings is another fantastic option that enables visitors to your website to rate articles and helps you identify which posts are the most popular. It features many customization options such as how the rating icon should appear and who can vote on articles (all or only logged-in users). In addition, WP-PostRatings supports rich snippets as well as highly configurable filters and template tags, multisite support, shortcodes, and rich snippets; multisite support and shortcodes.
Top 10 is a feature-rich plugin with many options, such as multi-widget capability and custom post-type support. Furthermore, there is an interactive statistics dashboard and sorting features available, as well as various layouts and widgets that make this plug-in extremely user-friendly with fast loading times.
This plugin is essential for anyone aiming to increase website traffic and sales. It displays your most popular articles easily accessible on your website, which helps improve SEO rankings while keeping visitors on your page for an extended period of time. Plus, its engaging content keeps customers coming back again and again! This plugin ensures these goals can be met by providing relevant and informative material that’s both engaging and informative!

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Popular Posts is a WordPress plugin designed to display your most-read articles using an easy algorithm. This makes it easy for readers to quickly locate articles they care about while improving SEO, and keeping visitors on your website longer by showing them relevant articles they might find engaging.
WordPress Popular Posts is a free plugin designed to show trending posts in various ways such as grid, slider, carousel, or widget format. Installation and use are straightforward with no coding needed, with themes and extensions supporting customization options to personalize how popular posts appear on your page – this plugin provides a fantastic opportunity to increase readership while driving new traffic towards your site!
WP-PostRatings, developed by Lester ‘GaMerZ’ Chan, allows visitors to your site to rate your posts. It features many attractive customization options to draw users in and increase website popularity – custom templates for posts before/after/comments, excerpts and query parameters can all be shown alongside them – along with sorting top posts by any tag of choice.
Other popular plugins for WordPress to display popular posts include Jetpack, which provides more in-depth analytics. It integrates seamlessly with Google Analytics and offers features designed to grow your audience, increase engagement and drive sales – while also making your site faster and more secure, including features for image galleries, slideshows, and carousels.
Top 10 is another highly regarded plugin, offering easy installation and multiple features that are useful in expanding your business. It includes an in-built caching system that helps reduce load times when used with W3 Total Cache or WP Super Cache, plus other tools which help build websites, blogs, or eCommerce stores – including push notifications that keep visitors engaged with content!

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