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An Overview Of Why Use Authory As a Portfolio for a Website Blog

By Tom Seest

Why Use Authory As a Portfolio Website for a Website Blog?

Writers face a unique challenge when creating digital portfolios: finding an easy-to-showcase service that allows them to showcase their work without much effort. Furthermore, maintaining such an account should be hassle-free.
Authory takes care of everything for you, making it the ideal solution for journalists at any stage in their career. And best of all? It backs up your writing permanently.

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Does Authory Help Starting Portfolio for a Website Blog?

As a freelance writer, it is essential that your work be showcased on an online portfolio website. This way, hiring managers can view your best writing samples and get an insight into how you work.
A successful portfolio builder should include sections that showcase your abilities and experience. Furthermore, it must provide search and filter functions so visitors can quickly locate what they’re searching for.
Authory is a portfolio builder and content backup service used by thousands of top professionals around the world. It automatically imports all your bylined content from any source – including social media accounts – as well as backs up every piece of writing forever.
Moreover, the platform enables you to quickly create and share collections based on specific topics, types of writing, publications or anything else using automated rules. This simplifies curating a vast amount of content into manageable collections that can be viewed on any portfolio page, in a widget, via RSS feed or any other way desired!
Finally, the platform allows you to share your portfolio with your audience and followers on social media. This is an effective way to expand your audience and turn them into email subscribers who will keep coming back for more content.
Authory’s portfolio builder offers responsive design for optimal viewing on any device, which is essential in today’s digital world, where many people browse websites on tablets, laptops, or smartphones. As a result, Authory’s builder looks amazing across all types of gadgets.

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Does Authory Help with Customization As a Portfolio for a Website Blog?

When creating a portfolio website, you must take into account both functionality and aesthetic. To make sure your site stands out from competitors, you’ll need to put in considerable effort into crafting an eye-catching design with features like SEO optimization, automatic permanent backup, and social media account integration.
Authory makes it effortless to customize your website and showcase the best of your work. Plus, it helps manage content so that it’s always up-to-date with all of your latest articles, podcasts, and videos.
The site allows you to track your social media performance, as well as turn readers into subscribers who will receive email notifications whenever a new piece of content is published. It’s an invaluable resource for journalists who write for multiple publications and one I strongly suggest to any writer looking to build a devoted following.
Before you can begin using Authory, you must set up “sources,” or a list of URLs where your articles, podcasts, or videos have been published. These can be specific sites, such as an RSS feed that only includes your articles or a general website pointing to all your profile content.
Once you’ve configured your sources, Authory automatically imports all articles, podcasts, and videos published from those websites. Plus it saves them permanently in case a site closes down or gets redirected to another domain.
You can embed any of the pieces you’ve imported into your portfolio using collection link settings. Visitors will be directed either to the original publication or a copy on Authory.

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Does Authory Help with SEO As a Portfolio for a Website Blog?

Search engine optimization (SEO) is the practice of improving your website, so it appears higher in search engine results. The higher you rank in results, the more traffic you’ll receive from searchers.
Writers can increase their SEO by creating high-quality content readers will want to read and link to on other pages. Not only will this boost their rankings, it also drives more traffic to their site and boosts earnings from advertisements.
Authory is a platform that makes this possible by automatically importing all articles, podcasts, and videos you’ve ever written into a private archive. No longer do you have to worry about syncing across different sites anymore – instead, it saves you time by automating all necessary tasks after publishing content.
Free and easy-to-use, this program comes with a host of features designed to make your life simpler. For instance, you can set up multiple collections so you can manage content more efficiently, plus utilize the search feature to quickly locate specific pieces of information.
Authory offers the unique feature of searching specific date periods and publications, giving you a comprehensive overview of your work over time. This makes it an invaluable resource for journalists and freelancers who wish to keep track of their published material.
Finally, Authory offers advanced eCommerce capabilities that let you sell directly from your portfolio page. Plus, with Google Analytics integration, you can monitor how well your portfolio is performing in terms of conversions and sales.

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Does Authory Help with Analytics As a Portfolio for a Website Blog?

Every device, shipment, and consumer leaves behind a trail of data that companies can analyze and optimize for customers and markets. Analytics 3.0 marks an era where this capability is no longer limited to information companies and online businesses but is now available to any company worldwide that manufactures things, moves things, or works with customers.
Authory is a platform designed to assist authors and journalists in tracking, archiving, and sharing their published works. It features an author portfolio page, analytics tools, and access to a searchable archive database of all their content.

Save Your Content Automatically and Easily

With Save My Content, it’s simple to use. All that needs to be done is connect your publishing platforms and set up a profile. Afterward, when you publish an article, it gets automatically backed up and added to your portfolio page.
Your new articles will be automatically posted to a public Authory page, where readers can subscribe for email notifications when you post something new. Moreover, you can add a contact button that sends inquiries straight to your inbox.
This feature is great for keeping readers engaged with your writing as it allows them to subscribe to your publication and receive email alerts whenever a new piece of work is published, no matter where it appears. Additionally, this is an effective way of cultivating a loyal following that you can take with you wherever life takes you.
Track your social media performance for all pieces with visually appealing analytics that provide the details to understand how content is performing. This gives you a comprehensive view of your entire content portfolio and allows for informed decisions about how best to optimize it for future growth.

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Does Authory Help with Social Media Analytics As a Portfolio for a Website Blog?

A social media portfolio is an effective way to demonstrate your expertise in the rapidly-evolving field of social media marketing. It could be the difference between getting noticed by potential clients or not, so having a website that highlights all campaigns you have worked on and their outcomes is critical.
Authory makes it easy for you to import your social media posts and utilize its built-in search capabilities to locate your work quickly. Plus, you can create Collections that organize content logically into logical groupings, so it’s simple to locate and browse through old posts in the archive.
Authory allows you to create collections tailored for a campaign, client, or creative type (image, video). Furthermore, you can curate your pieces into collections based on their performance – this way, it’s easy to identify the top-performing campaigns within your portfolio.
Authory offers keyword rules to enhance your collections’ search capabilities. For instance, you can create a collection that displays only articles about investments but excludes any that mention Facebook, Amazon, or Apple. This way, you get more out of each collection!
Authory’s social media capabilities are another useful feature for journalists. This service automatically tracks the impact of your articles across Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram to provide insight into how well they perform.
Authory also makes it simple for other users to subscribe to your content, sending them either a daily or weekly newsletter with the most recent pieces. This is an excellent way to foster relationships with readers and ensure they’re always on the lookout for fresh material.

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